summer makeup edit

As I write this post, the UK is sweltering through a heatwave. Now I know 28’c (it was 31’c yesterday!) isn’t really a heatwave anywhere else in the world, but here it might as well be over 40’c. We’re really not designed to cope with warm weather. We don’t have air conditioned houses for a start and as a result any upstairs bedrooms resemble saunas by bedtime. It was 34’c in my bedroom at 11pm last night.

So in light of that, I’ll be honest putting makeup on is actually the last thing I want to do at the moment. I feel like I’m melting as it is and most of my makeup would be melting right off too.

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Makeup Storage Reorganisation

Just recently I’ve become a bit obsessed with these kind of posts. My YouTube search history looks like I have a serious acrylic drawer fetish.

The thing is I’ve been having a bit of a rejig; ok, a full on reorganisation if we’re honest. I’m a Virgo so it would be fair to say that I’m in my happy place reorganising things.

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