Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara

I’m definitely a person who does not consider themselves fully dressed without mascara. I forgot to apply mascara once when I went to work and it felt like I’d forgotten to put my top on. I found myself apologising for my mascara shortage to anyone I was face to face with.

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Pedicure routine

We ask a lot of our feet. They carry us around all day with little to no complaint. In my case they also do it in a vast array of largely unsuitable shoes.

I’m a bit of a glutton for unsuitable shoes. Although I do stay away from high heels these days (think bambi on ice), I still manage to pick the most uncomfortable sandals in the shop.

With this in mind, every now and then I like to give my tootsies a little tender loving care. It’s also essential during the warmer months, to show off those new sandals with a perfect pedicure. My favourite colour at this time of year is a bright coral pink and my pedicure routine goes a little something like this.

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Kypris Clearing Serum

Unfortunately being blessed with oily skin, occasionally also means being blessed with blemishes. I say blessed, I suppose what I actually mean is cursed.

I won’t lie, I did think that by my mid-thirties, spots would be a distant memory. It would appear not in my case, although I am assured that my oily skin will also mean less wrinkles. I suppose I should be grateful for that and try to live with the spots.

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